Kallavere on koht, kus tekib rohkelt emotsioone ja lennukaid mõtted.

Kodukohvikute päev: menus

MIHKLI talu offers snacks from both the sweet and savory fields. The origins of flavors reach from Europe to Asia, from chicken curry pocket to millionaire’s cake. Sunday will be multicultural and appetizing in every way. There is also a vegetarian option on the menu.

This year, the focus of KELLA talu is on more distant lands. Both Western and Mediterranean flavors are characterized by bread baked in the home oven and lentil soup that melts in your mouth, which together provide a good filling.

On the menu of SAARE talu, you can find delicious handmade burgers, crispy fries and a refreshing lemonade on the side. On the menu, you can even find three burks with a special taste, the taste experience of which is made even juicier by the homemade coleslaw salad.

The gate of the MUSEUM is open to the world’s greatest sweet lovers. In addition to the simple and sweet snack, the menu also offers slightly more elegant cakes and tarts. We offer coffee and tea to quench your thirst.

Cafes start serving at 12:00. Payment is made in cash!

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