Kallavere on koht, kus tekib rohkelt emotsioone ja lennukaid mõtted.

Museum night at Rootsi-Kallavere Küla Muuseum

During the years of our activity, we have heard quite a few adjectives about the Swedish-Kallavere village: exciting, hospitable, educational, mysterious, wonderful, mystical, fairytale. Indeed, it is so – behind the high panel houses of Maardu, a small and modest end of the road peeks out, there begins the journey to the village of Sweden-Kallavere. You have reached a time a century ago, which offers historical knowledge in several fields: crafts, maritime, education, etc.

As part of the museum night, the Swedish-Kallavere Village Museum is open from 18:00 to 22:00. We do not charge an entrance fee!

The traditional village cafe is open: we offer both salty and sweet bites. In addition, anyone interested can practice weaving a carpet on our looms and take part in a craft workshop conducted by the youth of our own village!

Also take a look at our Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/3yoKSmNiW

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