Kallavere on koht, kus tekib rohkelt emotsioone ja lennukaid mõtted.

Kodukohvikute päeva concert: Redel Ruudus

Redel Ruudus is a special jazz-folk trio on the Estonian music scene. The ensemble’s percussion instruments are the vibraphone and the marimba, which are united by the singing voice.

Singer and guitar player Mirjam Kivisild brings out the content of the songs with her beautiful vocals and excellent diction both powerfully and gently. The leader of the ensemble, Aleksandra Kremenetski, plays vibraphone, drums, percussion and arranges and composes much of the trio’s musical material. Pianist and percussionist Valeria Jagudina plays marimba and adds different colors with other instruments.

The band Redel Ruudus has released two albums “Maa ja Taevas” (2016) and “Immaanuel” (2022).



Mirjam Kivisild – singer; 

Aleksandra Kremenetski – vibraphone, percussion, sındibas;

Valeria Jagudina – marimba, percussion.




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