Kallavere on koht, kus tekib rohkelt emotsioone ja lennukaid mõtted.

The village of Rootsi-Kallavere is located about twenty kilometers from the city centre of Tallinn, neighbouring the borough of Kallavere of the city of Maardu. The village has been inhabited since the old times.

Rootsi-Kallavere (one of the oldest parts of the village of Kallavere) is a place of great contrasts due to its location. The village with its 17th century planning lays in the immediate vicinity of nine-storey apartment buildings. On its other side, Rootsi-Kallavere borders tens of new houses built closely together on the old fields of Vanapere farm. On the outskirts of the village, by the Kallavere-Ülgase road, there is another even more tensely populated area of small summer houses and sheds with vegetable gardens.

The memories of the times gone by are being kept alive by the constantly expanding village museum. Additional testaments to the rich history of the village are some of the farm buildings dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and the ancient trees on the village lane. The village society also has its role in the activities of the village. Seeing and sensing the present day as well as the past in this ancient village helps us understand our roots better, so that going forward we can carry with us things from the past which are of value to us and our descendants.

The village of Rootsi-Kallavere is a place that makes you feel and think.

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